Sexuality & Gay Christian Life Style

Gay, lesbian and bisexual people's lives are not abnormally consumed with sex. Sex is only one element in the life of queer Christians. Queer Christianity includes service to God, labor for social justice, worship, study of the Word, work or school, leisure activities and humanitarian work. This web page will look at only one aspect of the Christian's life, sexuality.
Gay Christians have a life style that brings honor and glory to God, in all areas of their lives, including their sexual relationships.

When it was illegal to be gay, one of the few ways to feel like you were part of the gay community was to have same-gender sex. Fortunately, there are now many ways to have community and to feel part of the gay community that are not built on casual sex. Large cities have community centers for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. Many colleges and universities have gay centers. Some high schools have gay-straight student alliances. Cities may have a variety of clubs for gay people. These clubs allow gay people to be with other gay people who have similar leisure interests. Those interested in knowing more about the gay community in their community are encouraged to check the secular links pages.

Queer Christian spirituality understands sexuality is gift from God and attempt to use that gift to the glory of God. There is far more to being part of the gay community than bath houses and having a lot of casual sex. Sexual expression is for reasons more special than just pleasure. Queer Christians seek long-term relationships.

Celibacy is a rare spiritual gift. Few straight people have the gift. Few gay people have that spiritual gift too. Queer Christians understand that just as celibacy is not to be expected of all gay and bisexual Christians. Celibacy should not be imposed on all queer Christians. God is bigger than our marital status. God is able to reach out through single Christians and through Christians in same-sex marriages.