Who Speaks for God?

Rabbi Harold Kushner is a well-known author. One of the books he wrote is When Bad Things Happen to Good People. In the book Living a Life that Matters, Kushner comments about politicians and pastors who condemn the sins of society. "It ought to hurt them to condemn their neighbors, as it hurt Jeremiah, but they seem too comfortable doing it, and that makes me wonder if they are really bringing us God's words and God's throughts, or if the words and thoughts are their own."

Rabbi Kushner does not give any examples of the sins the political and spiritual leaders are condemning, so we are left guessing about specifics. He does not discuss the criticism some political and religious figures heap on gay people or on those in same-sex relationships. His comments, however, are very valid to discussions of homosexuality and same-sex marriages.

There is a fast way to determine if a pastor or a political leader is speaking from God's heart or his or her own heart. When there is a lot of anger, the person is speaking not speaking for God. Angry outbursts and sermons filled with rage are not from the Spirit.

The Lord has a heart for people, a heart that is most clearly seen at Calvary, where Jesus Christ poured out His life in an act of love for humanity. And that shows God's heart is a loving heart, the kind of heart that cries for those who make mistakes. The rage-filled pastors and politicians are only a mouth piece of their personal opinions, emotional issues, personal fears and personal interpretations of the Bible. They are not speaking for God, because God's heart is not a heart of anger and rage. Instead of claiming to speak for God, they should be down on their knees asking God to make them into loving, caring, sensitive servants.

Gay people are left with a choice. They can believe those who are speaking for their own agendas, including agendas based on personal political goals and the unhealthy emotional agendas of rage-filled pastors, church leaders and political leaders or they can listen to Jesus' voice of love, as heard clearly at Calvary. Those gay people who enjoy hurting can keep on believing that those who have hearts of rage speak for God. Those gay people who want to stop hurting must start listening to the voice of God Himself, speaking from Calvary. Because God's agenda is not like the selfish agendas of angry pastors and politicians. God's agenda is healthy and it is for your benefit!