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LGBT Christian Activism

This page is designed to assist those who are wanting to make a positive change in society and in the church.

There are three common types of gay Christian activism. There is gay Christian activism within the Christian church. Gay Christian activism can be within political circles. Activism can also be taking practical action to help those who are hurting.

Church Activism

Activism Within a Church:

In some cases, change can be made by placing pressure on church leaders to bring about change. These efforts, while challenging, can be very successful. Some denominations have resources available for congregations that wish to become formally affirming or open and welcoming. The resources can provide ideas for ways individuals in local congregations can support gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people, and can provide ideas for how to encourage a congregation to become formally affirming.

Learning about the queer community and the needs of the queer community is a form of activism, because that knowledge can be shared with people who are open. Hearts are won one-by-one. Battles for acceptance and inclusion are won one congregation at a time. Quiet forms of activism can be very effective.

Some changes can be made simply by encouraging those who are doing wonderful things to continue to improve the lives of gay people and of gay Christians. Activism can be very lonely and very discouraging. Encouraging those involved in activism can be almost as good as having another pair of shoes on the pavement promoting change.

Public Church Activism:

Churches that make public statements of support and inclusion are engaging in a form of political activism. One goal is for your congregation to be so visible in the queer community that GLBT people automatically think of your church when they think of church. Another goal is to be very public, so other Christian groups notice your congregation supports the queer community. A public presence shows that many Christians support gay people. A few things churches can do to publicly support the queer community are as follows:
  • March part in a parade. Be sure to bring banners and signs advertising your church.
  • Write letters to political leaders encouraging gay and trans rights.
  • Host a pride church service.
  • Open your church doors so gay community groups have a place to meet.
  • Sponsor presentations that are of value to the queer community.
  • Advertise either wedding or commitment services for same-sex couples.
  • Attend and support community events at your local GLBT center.
  • Raise funds for local GLBT community needs and donate the money in the name of your church or parish.
  • Join in local AIDS walks.
Political Activism

Some political leaders will act once they know they have the support of many people. Others understand the need for gay rights, but are afraid to stand for what is right, in the face of powerful interest groups. Change can be made when we encourage political leaders to do what is morally and ethically right. For more information on how to change society through democratic processes, visit our Political Activism page.

Our Activism

We believe activism needs to take two approaches. Those who are doing wonderful things for gay people need to be encouraged and supported. Those who are sinning against God and against gay people with their actions need to be held accountable.

There are a number of famous secular awards. The Grammy Awards are given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievement in the field of music. The Emmy awards are given for outstanding television production. Academy Awards are presented by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for excellence the film industry. Tony Awards are given for outstanding theatre accomplishments. Joining these awards are is a religious award, Smiley Awards.

We present the Smileys to churches, religious institutions and church leaders who have done wonderful things for gay people. Churches and church leaders who have done outstanding things to assist gay people receive the Smiley, the "You Make Jesus Smile" Award.

Created Gay contacted individuals and churches regarding homophobic, degrading and dehumanizing content of sermons and policies. We have requested the following things:
  • An end to policies that treat gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people in a different manner than straight people.
  • That homophobic sermons be removed from church websites.
  • That ministers who delivered homophobic sermons, including sermons in which comments were made about killing gay people, be disciplined by either their church board or their denomination.
  • That church officials in Africa speak out against violence targeting sexual minority peoples.

The Smileys - You Make Jesus Smile Awards

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