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LGBTQ + Christian Web Links

An attempt has been made to link to only affirming gay Christian web sites. A few non-gay Christian sites that contain important resources for gay Christians are included. This web site does not support the use of counseling to change a person's sexual orientation. Please report any sites to which we have links that you feel are homophobic or advocate that gay people can become straight. Our web master will review the site to determine if it should be deleted from the links page.

You are welcome to suggest web sites we can add to the links on this page. Click here to send an email.

Over 100 LGBT+ Christian Web Sites

1020 Gay Christian Teens
Yahoo discussion group for teens and twenties youth.

Absolutely Christian Gay Men
Facebook discussion and fellowship group for gay Christian men.

Acceptance Sydney
Australian Catholic organization that works for the acceptance of GLBT people in the Catholic church. Group regularly celebrates the Eurhcarist.

Accepting Evangelicals
Group of evangelical Christians who believe that loving same-sex partnerships should be accepted at all church levels. There are individual and church memberships. Site has articles and links.

Affirm United
United Church of Canada organization. Site has a periodical, list of gay affirming United Churches and ministries and links.

Website ministry for LGBT Mormons, friends and family.

Affirmation: United Methodist
United Methodist activist organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people and friends.

Allen Hanks
Allen Hanks is an Christian musical artist. His Myspace account site has information about his albums and his bio.

Alma's Life
The web master describes the web site as follows: "A personal site with the aim to reach out to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender Christians anywhere, to provide support, help reconciling their faith and orientation, and to help find a local group to meet other GLBT Christians."

Alliance of Baptists
According to the website, the Alliance of Baptists has been advocating for over 20 years for full acceptance of the LGBTQ community. About 140 congregations are associated with the Alliance of Baptists.

American Baptists Concerned
American Baptist group advocating for the inclusion of sexual minorities in American Baptist congregations. American Baptists Concerned appears to have united with the Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists.

Anything but Straight
Anything But Straight is an Australian group that helps LGBT+ people overcome the social and emotional isolation.

Aaron's Rainbow Project
Supporting ministry for out contemporary artist Shawn Thomas. This ministry also is a contact for information about publishing rights for the original work of a number of artists. The resource page has links to spiritual musicians who are either out or affirming.

Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
Group of over 70 Baptist churches and organizations who have taken a public stand that they are welcoming and affirming. Site has list of affirming and welcoming congregations and chapters, links and resources and membership information.

Organization of Orthodox Gay and Lesbian lay Christians. Web site has articles, links and resources.

Balm Ministries
Marsha Stevens, the contemporary Christian performer's, web site.

Baptist Peace Fellowship
Link to Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America's position on sexual orientation.

Beyond Ex-Gay
This is an online community for those who survived ex-gay experiences. The site has stories of queer people who attempted to become straight, internet resource links, and a section of poetry, art, and articles about ex-gay experiences.

Blayne Bell
Blayne Bell is a musical artist. His genres include Pop, Powerpop, and Christian. Blayne's My Space site has samples of his music.

B'nai HaKeshet
Gay Messianic Jewish web site.

Born Eunuchs
Author of site takes the position that references in the Bible to those who are born eunuchs were gay. The web site outlines his position.

Brethren Mennonite Council
Provides support for GLBT people in Mennonite and Brethren churches.

Bridges Across the Divide
This web site is not strictly gay affirming, because different positions about homosexuality and gender identity are presented. Provides resources for those who disagree about the moral issues related to sexual orientation and sexual identity. Site has numerous articles, include an article about how not to "push buttons" when discussing issues related to homosexuality. Has articles on different sides of the issue. There are many discussions of sexual orientation. The discussions are very respectful.

Called Out & 7th Day Gay Too
Yahoo discussion group for gay Christians from 7th day churches.

Cathedral of Hope
Web site for the world's largest gay, lesbian church. Wonderful online video sermons. Has store and internet resources.

Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion and Ministry
The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry is part of the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California. Offers a certificate in Sexuality and Religion.

Charles M. Bidwell
Charles Bidwell is a retired university professor and Metropolitan Community Church pastor. Some of his writings related to spirituality and theology can be found on this web page.

Chicago Theological School
Offers master degree programs with concentrations for LGBT+ studies.

Chi Rho Press
Press publishes gay Christian books. Provisions to order books online.

Chi Rho Press
This is the blog site for Chi Rho Press.

Chris Glasser
Web page for gay Christian author and speaker. Site has information about books written and links.

Chris Hoffman
Christopher Hoffman is a gay Christian musician. Some of his music can be found on the CD Universe website.

Christian Association
At the University of Penn. University Christian organization has queer fellowship group.

Articles, discussion of Biblical texts, prayer requests and links.

Christian Gay Network
Site has chat and email group.

Resources, articles, store, newsletters and chat rooms are features of the site.

Christianity and Homosexuality: An Annotated Bibliography
Descriptive bibliography by Charles Bidwell.

Christians Tired of being Misrepresented
Facebook account for a progressive Christian group that accepts and affirms LGBT people.

Church Clarity
There is a need for churches to be open about their theological positions regarding gender and sexual minority peoples, so LGBT+ people do not come to church to find the congregation does not feel safe. Church Clarity encourages churches to be clear on their positions regarding LGBT+ people and women holding leadership roles.

Claim the Blessing
Organization is a joint work of three leading Episcopal LGBT organizations - Integrity, Oasis and Beyond Inclusion. Web site has prayers, information updates and links.

Created Gay has hundreds of Christian, gay Christian, and gay community web links. The site also has many devotions and sermons.

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David North and Gospel Celebration Singers
Blog site for GLBT musical group.

Dignity U.S.A.
Organization for gay, bisexual and transgendered Catholics.

Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance
Organization works for full inclusion of GLBT people in the Disciples of Christ.

Dispelling the Myth
This site is part of the Mercy to All website and it fairly in-depth studies of the Bible verses related to homosexuality. The links portion of the web site contains a lot of valuable information for gay people and for people who need to know more about homosexuality.

Elim Sanctuary
This web site has links, and many interesting articles, including information about Bible characters, passages of the Bible, and books of the Bible.

An internet magazine for GLBT Christians. The magazine has devotions, poetry, testimonies, answered prayers and an excellent set of articles about the Bible and homosexuality.

E-Quality Religion and Homosexuality Links
Links to various religious groups that are gay inclusive, including Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist organizations.

Evangelical Fellowship for Lesbian & Gay Christians
United Kingdom organization. Group of gay and lesbian Christians, who are from an evangelical background.

Evangelicals Concerned
Network of gay and lesbian evangelicals and their friends. Site has newsletter.

Ex-Gay? No Way!
Web site provides information about a book about the ex-gay movement written by Jallen Rix.

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries
Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries works for the inclusion of all people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in the Lutheran Church.

Family Acceptance
A mom and dad tell the story about how they came to understand their son was gay and to accept him.

Friends - American Friends Service Committee
AFSC, a Quaker agency, support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

Gathering Baptists
Canadian Baptist organization of lay and ordained Baptists who wish to maintain contact with others who share their understanding of what it means to be Baptist. Organization states that Christians and visitors should be welcomed regardless of sexual orientation. Web site has some pastoral resources for serving gay church members. Site has newsletter, writings and links.

Gay and Christian
This web site shows that a person can be both a true Christian and a loving, sexually-active gay man or lesbian. Gay and Christian provides information about Bible passages related to gay people, frequently asked questions, and links.

Gay and Lesbian Bible - Book Review
This web site provides a book review of the Study New Testament for Lesbians, Gays, Bi, and Transgender by Ann Nyland. The book can be purchased online. Another review of the LGBT Study Bible can be found on the CreatedGay.Com website.

Gay and Lesbian Liberation
Site promoting the books of the gay Catholic author, John J. McNeill. The books McNeill wrote promote gay and lesbian self-acceptance and spiritual maturity. The web site has articles that are well worth reading.

Gay Believers
Site has readings, excellent articles, links, and resources.

Gay by God
Gay by God is the twitter account of Pastor Joseph Tolton.

Gay Christian 101
Gay Christian 101 is a gay evangelical Christian web site. The site provides a number of very good articles about Bible passages that are often used against gay people.

Gay Christian Bookstore
Web site has numerous gay Christian books, CDs, DVDs, and some apparel. Books, CDs, DVDs, and apparel are ordered through, so the merchandise can be ordered online and paid for by major credit cards.

Gay Christian Europe
Ministry for Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Christians in Europe, with Gay Friendly Churches, Books on reconciling Homosexuality and Christianity in several European languages, Testimonies, GLBT Support Groups & Resources in various European languages. Message Boards coming soon.

Gay Christian Information
The Gay Christian Biz website has links, quick overviews of gay Christian books and movies, music by gay Christian artists and an encouragement page.

Gay Christian Survival Group
Web site many articles.

Gay Christian View - Singapore
Web site has numerous articles, praise and worship, and links.

Gay Christians and Friends
Gay Christian web ring. Using a web ring can attract more people to your gay Christian web site.

Gay Christians Org
Articles and information for gay Christians. Has lists of gay friendly churches and links to gay resource.
Articles, links and an active discussion board. Site has information about hundreds of gay affirming congregations.

Gay People Go to Heaven
Facebook account.

Gay Prairie
Yahoo discussion group for gay alumni and current students of Prairie Bible College and Prairie High School in Three Hills, Alberta.

Gay Prayer Resource Blog
Blog has videos, archives, and links.

Web ministry has articles, internet resources, and video sermons.

Gays4Jesus Blog
The blog has testimonies and articles.

God for Queers
Website has articles about homosexuality and the Bible, queer devotions and resources.
Site has articles, gay news items and links.
A Letter to Louise. Site has a pastoral response to a lady who had a brother who hated God for making him gay.

God is Still Speaking
United Church of Christ program welcoming people who are not always welcome in church to the United Church of Christ.

Healing Homosexuality
Can people find healing for homosexuality and bisexuality? In short, the answer is no. Read the explanation

Ho Mo No Mo Halfway House
Peterson Toscano survived an ex-gay ministry. Toscano developed the play Ho Mo No Mo Halfway House to tell his story of surviving the ex-gay movement.

How to be Gay and Christian
A How to Do Things article explains how some people are able to maintain faith in Jesus Christ and be gay.

Hope Unlimited Productions
Company is producing a documentary, For Such a Time as This, that promotes dialogue between the gay community and the evangelical community.

Inclusive Church Net
United Kingdom group working to make the Anglican communion more inclusive.

Inclusive Orthodoxy
Inclusive Orthodoxy has articles, Bible study information, newsletters, and web resources. This web site is of value to those who cherish both the traditional creeds and beliefs of the church, and an affirming approach.

Integrity U.S.A.
Integrity is a group of Episcopalian GLBT and their friends. Promotes GLBT acceptance in the Episcopalian church. Membership is open regardless of sexual orientation and denominational membership.

Jallen Rix
Jallen Rix is a gay Christian musical artist and sex therapist. His web site contains photographs, galleries, a biography, and information about his musical albums. He has a sex therapist's website, GaySexPert.Com.

Jallen Rix Social Media
Jallen Rix is a gay Christian musical artist and sex therapist. He has a Facebook account and a Twitter account.

Jason & DeMarco
Web site for Christian music group. Site has gallery, press releases, schedules and can order music online.

JenAustin.Com, blog
Jen Austin is a Dallas, Texas radio personality and is a leader in the gay Christian community.

Jesus in Love
Resource web site for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Christians. Site has links, books of interest to queer Christians, and an online store.

Group supports and advocates for gay Seventh-day Adventists.

Lavender Light
Christian musical group that ministers to black lesbians and gays.

LesRev Blog
Lesbian Christian pastor's blog.

LGBT Christians Web Ring
Web ring for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Christian web sites. Using a web ring can attract more people to your web site.

LGBTQ+ Religious Archives Network Religious Archives
Organization assists GLBT religious leaders in how to preserve their religious historical materials. Site has a lot of valuable information, such as brief biographies of some of the leaders in religious justice for the gay community. Web site can help a researcher get access to some of gay religious and historical records.

Lost & Found Online Fellowship
Online fellowship for GLBT and straight Christians. The site is operated by a charismatic, Pentecostal, Evangelical church.

Love Lifted Me
Information about valuable book for gay, lesbian and bisexual Christians, Love Lifted Me in Spite of the Church.

Lutherans Concerned
Lutherans Concerned, an organization affirming LGBT + Christians, is now known as Reconciling Works.

Lutheran Lesbian and Gay Ministries
Group attempts to reduce discrimination against gay ministers, seminary students and lay ministers.

Marshall-Grant Ministries
Marshall-Grant Ministries focuses on "exhortation to evangelism, worship and LGBT+ affirmation."

Mel White's Justice Net
Mel White is a gay Christian pastor and theologian. Site has links and articles.

Metropolitan Community Churches
This is the world's largest gay organization. Denomination serves Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Straight Christians.

Metropolitan Community Churches Worldwide Web Ring
Very popular web ring. This web ring serves congregations and ministries of the MCC. Being part of a web ring can attract people to your web site.

Mike Rickard
Web site for musician. The web site has biographical information, samples of songs, journal, links, and an online store.

Mission of St. Serguis - Old Roman Catholic Church of New England
This is an affirming Catholic Ministry of the Old Catholic Diocese of New England. Web site has information about the ministry and the Old Catholic Church, links, prayers, and donations.

More Light Presbyterians
Works to gain full inclusion for GLBT people in the Presybertian Church (USA).

Oasis is a California Episcopalian ministry for GLBT people. Oasis campaigns for the full inclusion of gay people. Has a list of California GLBT friendly and Oasis congregations.

Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Ministries
Unitarian Universalist organization. Web site has resource information, links and information about welcoming Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Other Sheep Executive
This is the personal web site for Stephen Parelli, the Executive Director of Other Sheep, and his partner (since 1997) Jose Ortiz who is Other Sheep coordinator for Africa. The site tells their personal ex-ex-gay story and their present work with Other Sheep. Photos from abroad chronicle their travels and introduce LGBTs from different regions of the world. The site has articles and links.

Out in Scripture
Out in Scripture is part of the Human Rights Campaign web site. At Out in Scripture, there are sermons based on the weekly liturgical cycle. The sermons are written by well-educated pastors or theologians in the queer community. This web site is a valuable resource for people seeking sermons and devotions that are sensitive to the spiritual needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-identified Christians.

Paul Smith
Web site for Rev. Paul Smith. The Rev. Smith is the pastor of a gay-affirming congregation in Kansas City.

Peterson Toscano
Peterson Toscano is a gay Christian playwright and actor. Peterson Toscano combines theatre and activism. His web site has information about the plays Peterson Toscano performs. His plays include Doin' Time in the Ho Mo No Mo Half Way and Transfigurations. Transfigurations is a new theatre production about transgender Bible characters.

Pride Christian Web Ring
Web ring for gay Christian, gay affirming Christian sites and gay Christian web masters. By joining a web ring, you can increase traffic to your gay Christian web site.

Proud Anglicans
Site has information about GLBT friendly Anglican congregations in Canada.

Queer Theology
There are few LGBT+ websites that are as dynamic as Queer Theology. The website has articles, videos, resources, podcasts and a section for community.

Rainbow 7th Day Sabbatarians
This web site is for gay and gay affirming people in some of the seventh-day churches, such as the Worldwide Church of God, the United Church of God, Seventh Day Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists and the Church of God (7th Day).

Rainbow Ark
For ten years, the Rainbow Ark has been providing support and resources for LGBT and straight Christians. Rainbow seeks to create mutual respect and peace between Christians and LGBT people. Rainbow Ark provides a wide variety of resources, including a members' lounge, a journal, testimonies, a photo gallery, a Bible study, a forum, a calendar, a Cafe Press store and links to other web sites that provide valuable resources.

Rainbow Baptists
Organization supports the GLBT community. Site has resources and a list of affirming Baptist congregations.

Rainbow Christian Bear
Adventures of a gay Christian teddy bear and his stuffed friends.

Rainbow Sash Movement
Web site has numerous news articles of interest to gay Christians.

Ray Vester
Web site for a gay Christian soloist. CDs can be purchased online. Samples of music can be heard on the web site. Song samples range from fast, fun songs to slow reflective songs.

Reconciling Ministries Network
Group works to gain full inclusion of all sexual orientations and gender identities in the United Methodist Church. A list of reconciling ministries and congregations can be found on the Reconciling Ministries Network.

Reconciling Pentecostals International
Information about affiliated congregations and ministries, news and internet resources.

Religious Archives Network
Project of Chicago Theological Seminary. Network attempts to preserve the history of gays and lesbians in religion. Has brief biographies of gay leaders and pioneers.

Religious Tolerance
Ontario, Canada site for religious tolerance.

Reparative Therapy: A Psuedo Science
Article in The Policy Journal of the Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies by psychologist Douglas Haldeman. The journal article discusses reparative therapy. Dougals Haldeman's main website page can be found by clicking here.

Respect My Research
This web site watches the scientific evidence conservative, anti-gay people use against gay people. The web site has videos and letters from some scientists claiming James Dobson's Focus on the Family group has not cited their research accurately.

Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas is an out contemporary Christian. Shawn's You Tube site features a few of his music videos. Shawn Thomas also has an internet web site. The web site provides biographical information, a newsletter, song samples, photos, and an online store.

Shower of Stoles Project
Collects stoles from gay Christians to show the contribution gay Christians are making in the church.

Group helps gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people obtain social and spiritual justice. This is one of the best gay Christian web sites.

Soulforce Wisconsin
This is the local Wisconsin Soulforce web site.

Spiritual Fruits Ministries
Site has a good selection of articles.

Stables Ministries - Home of Gays4Jesus
Site has articles, web resources, and TV/internet sermons.

Steps to Recovery From Bible Abuse
Dr. Rembert Truluck's web site has a large number of articles about homosexuality, the ex-gay myth, the Bible, and links to numerous resources. There is also information about an excellent book Rembert Truluck wrote, Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse. A review of Dr. Truluck's book can be read on the CreatedGay.Com web site.

Stop Religious Homophobia
Provides information about the role of religion in homophobia and how religious groups can help reduce homophobia in their communities.

Straight But Not Narrow
Gay friendly, Christian blog.

Student Christian Movement - Canada
SCM supports gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-identified youth. Their web page Queer and Christian Without Contradiction has information and resources for queer youth.

Teach Ministries
This is Mary Lou Wallner's ministry website, a ministry she started after her lesbian daughter took her own life. Mary Lou Wallner works for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people in the church. Her website has a bibliography of gay Christian resources and links.

This Gay Christian Blog
Blog site has links and a recommended reading list.

Thomas, Shawn
Shawn Thomas is an out contemporary Christian. Shawn's You Tube site features a few of his music videos. Shawn Thomas also has an internet web site. The web site provides biographical information, a newsletter, song samples, photos, and an online store.

TruthSetsFree.Net - Inclusive Orthodoxy
Web site provides Bible studies and links.

Truth Wins Out
Organization tries to show that ex-gay ministries and ex-gay counnseling does not work. The web site has articles, audio podcasts, audio testimonies, and resources.

The Coalition
United Church of Christ group that supports and advocates for gay people. Has a list of open and affirming United Church of Christ congregations.

That All Might Freely Serve
Group works within the Presbyterian Church (USA) to bring about GLBT people to openly serve as pastors, deacons and elders.

Virginia Mollenkott
Web site of Virginia Mollenkott, one of the authors of Is the Homosexual My Neighbor? A Postive Christisan Response. The web site contains information about books Virginia wrote, some of her articles and essays, book reviews and links.

Wayne Besen
Wayne Besen wrote the book Anything But Straight. The web site is Wayne Besen's personal web site. The site has a weekly column, news, information about speaking engagements, and links.
Excellent articles, internet magazine, web resources, store, resources, email groups.

LGBT+ Affirming or LGBT+ Denominations These are Queer Friendly Churches

Welcoming and Affirming Denominations

Affirming Pentecostal Church International
Facebook group for gay affirming Pentecostal denomination.

American Catholic Church in the United States
Progressive Catholic church denomination describes itself as being inclusive regarding sexual orientation and marital status.

Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
Group of 50 Baptist churches and organizations who have taken a public stand that they are welcoming and affirming. Site has list of affirming and welcoming congregations and chapters, Bible study articles, periodical, links and resources and membership information.

Canadian Unitarian Council
Canadian Unitarians are part of the Unitarian Universalist tradition. A list of the Welcoming Unitarian congregations can be found online by clicking here.

Community of Christ
The community of Christ welcomes LGBT+ people and performs same-sex marriages. Harmony is an organization for LGBT+ people in the Community of Christ. You can learn more about Harmony by clicking here.

Disciples of Christ
Some Disciples of Christ congregations are Open and Affirming congregations. For information about the Open and Affirming Disciples of Christ congregations, you can refer to the GLAD Alliance website.

Eccumenical Catholic Church
Web site indicates church accepts people regardless of sexual orientation and that people "will not be measured against the standards of an ancient moral code or against the demands of modern materialism."

Evangelical Catholic Church in America
Website for Evangelical Catholic Church in America. Click on the Links button to get access to different pages in the website. Church provides same-sex marriages and describes itself as welcoming gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans-gendered persons and other religiously disenfranchised people "full participation in Catholic life." Denomination appears to have some congregations and/or work in the United States and the United Kingdom.

International Christian Community Churches
Gay affirming denomination. Web site has directory of churches, resources, and denominational information.

Metropolitan Community Churches
This is the world's largest gay organization. Denomination serves Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Straight Christians.

National Catholic Church of North America
The National Catholic Church allowsLGBTI+ people to be ordained, provides same-sex marriages. .

Network of Independent Inclusive American Churches and Congregations
Network website has links affiliated congregations and ministries.

Reconciling Ministries Congregations
The Reconciling Ministries Network (United Methodist) is made up of individuals and congregations groups working for the full participation of all people in the United Methodist Church. Web site has list of reconciling congregations.

Reformed Catholic Church
Web site for Reformed Catholic faith tradition. Denomination says it allows married priests, and ordains women and gay people.

Unitarian Church (United Kingdom)
The United Kingdom Unitarians affirm that gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people have the "exact same rights as anyone else, including when it comes to getting married."

Unitarian Universalist Association (United States)
Unitarian Universalists are pioneers in accepting LGBT+ people into membership and into the community. Excellent resources for LGBT+ individuals and for congregations can be church website.

United Catholic Church
Website has location of parishes, docrinal information and information about the history of Old Catholic Churches.

United Church of Canada
United Church of Canada. The United Church of Canada ordains openly LGBT+ people and a number of United Church of Canada congregations are formally affirming. Information about Affirming congregations and ministries can be found on the Affirm United website.

United Church of Christ
United States denomination was a pioneer in the ordination of gay clergy. The United Church of Christ has some open and affirming congregations.

United States Old Catholic Church
The website provides information about the Old Catholic Church.

Unity Church
LGBT Spiritual Resource Center. The Unity Church holds that all people are created with worth and that no one exists outside the heart of God. All people, including LGBTQ people, are good, because all people exist in the heart of God. Unity congregations are allowed to perform same-sex marriages.

Universal Anglican Church - Mid-Atlantic Diocese
This is the website of the Mid-Atlantic Diocese of the Universal Anglican Church. Another website, which also appears to be the website of the Mid-Atlantic Diocese can be found by clicking here.

Universal Anglican Church - Mid-Atlantic Diocese
Facebook account for the Mid-Atlantic Diocese of the Universal Anglican Church.

Religious Orders - Religious Orders that Accept Gay Members

Queer Friendly Religious Orders

Franciscans of Divine Providence
The Franciscans of Divine Providence is not a Roman Catholic religious order. The order is affiliated with the Trinitarian Catholic Church. This Franciscan order accepts members regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or national origin, marital status or sexual orientation.

Order of Ecumenical Franciscans
Non-denominational Franciscan order, which accepts men, women and gay people.

Order of St. Aelred
The Order of St. Aelred, headquartered in the Philippines, accepts into membership women and men of all races, cultures, sexual orientations and ethnic backgrounds.

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