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Healing Homosexuality and Bisexuality?

Homosexuality and bisexuality are not diseases. There is no cure for homosexuality and for bisexuality. Gay and bisexual people do not need God to perform a miracle to cure them and become straight. No amount of counseling, prayer, or reading the Bible will make a gay or a bisexual person straight. When gay and bisexual people try to become straight, they often end up wounding their hearts and spiritual souls.

For homosexuals and bisexuals, healing starts when people accept themselves as children of God who are worthy of love. "Healing homosexuality" and "healing bisexuality" is when the pain of rejection and self-hate is reduced by God's love and by learning self-acceptance. "Healing homosexuals" and "healing bisexuals" are people who accept who they are, understand God loves and accepts them, are able to forgive those who have hurt them, and reach out to bring healing to hurting people, regardless of sexual orientation.

Some people are able to become "healing homosexuals" and "healing bisexuals" - gay and bisexual people who enjoy God's love - and are able to find spiritual "healing" in a short period of time. For other gay and bisexual people, the healing that comes with self-accepting and helping other people is the work of a life time.

Gay and bisexual people are not able to move into a place of healing for their souls and spirits, until they accept themselves. Self-acceptance includes things such as:

  • Admitting one's sexual orientation to oneself.
  • Moving from hating oneself for being gay or bisexual to starting to love and enjoy oneself.
  • Not trying to change one's own sexual orientation through heterosexual relationships or through therapy.
  • Understanding the depth of God's love and the breadth of salvation.
  • Seeing the reflection of God in oneself.
  • Thanking God for being gay.

    Churches around the world and society have benefited from the healing touch of homosexuals and bisexuals. For centuries gay, lesbian and bisexual people have filled roles that brought healing to the church. Gay and bisexual artists have painted and sculpted art that illustrated Biblical themes. Homosexual and bisexual musicians and composers have written and performed songs that have brought hope to weary hearts. Bisexual and gay pastors, priests, evangelists and religious educators have given inspiration and the assurance of God's love to the masses. No element in the church of Christ has not been touched in a positive way by the ministry of gay and bisexual people. And that continues to this day.

    Gay and bisexual people bring healing to more than just the churches they serve. And that is why it is so important that gay and bisexual people heal and become healthy, so they can serve humanity. John McNeill, in the book Taking a Chance on God explains, "Since most lesbians and gay men do not have children of their own, they tend to redirect a vast reservoir of unselfish love into the human community. So great is the reservoir that the world could not bear its loss.

    Despite their personal suffering, the loving presence of lesbian women and gay men is the oil that keeps the whole human machine running. If, somehow, gay people were to disappear from the scene, the whole human community would be in danger of being seriously dehumanized."

    Gay and bisexual people wanting to know more about how to become a healing agent in society and in the church are encouraged to read and work their way through Rembert Truluck's book Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse. The book can be ordered through through Chi Rho Press.

    The Reflection pages on this web site contains some information that might help with the healing process.

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