You Make Jesus Smile - Rev. Troy Perry & Metropolitan Community Churches

Troy Perry is a pioneer in the struggle for gay rights and for gay Christian rights. In 1968, Rev. Troy Perry started a small gay congregation in southern California. He probably had no idea that small congregation would be the beginnings of a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered denomination, with churches in numerous countries.

God blessed Troy Perry's ministry and the Metropolitan Community Churches. According to the MCC web site, the Metropolitan Community Churches now has about 43,000 members and adherents in 22 countries. The MCC is often described as the largest gay organization in the world. Many queer people have found a spiritually safe home in MCC congregations.

Rev. Troy Perry and the Metropolitan Community Churches have helped many gay people understand God loves them. For service to God's queer children, we award Troy Perry and the Metropolitan Community Churches with the You Make Jesus Smile Award.

You can learn more about the dynamic ministry of the MCC at the Metropolitan Community Church web site.