You Make Jesus Smile - Dr. Rembert Truluck

Dr. Rembert Truluck has a significant career of service for God. He service includes being a theology teacher, a pastor and an author.

Dr. Rembert Truluck published a book titled Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse. This excellent book is divided into 52 weekly lessons. Gay, lesbian and bisexual people who work their way through all of the weekly lessons can find a lot of healing from the spiritual abuse they may have experienced in churches and society. People who have been deeply hurt by abusive churches may also want to seek counseling from a gay positive counselor.

Dr. Truluck's popular web site, Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse, has been getting around 4 million web hits a year. This web site is making an impact, touching the hearts and lives of queer people around the world.

Dr. Rembert Truluck, for helping gay people understand God loves them and for taking healing to the gay masses, we award you with the You Make Jesus Smile Award.

Dr. Truluck's web site, Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse is a web site every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Christian should visit and bookmark. We urge those who see value in Dr. Truluck's ministry to support his ministry, so lives can continue to be touched and transformed by God's love.