You Make Jesus Smile - Cathedral of Hope

This is our first award to a gay congregation. Until now, all of our awards have been given to churches and church denominations that are straight Christian organizations. In an effort to encourage those who are doing so much to provide hope to queer people, we are also sharing our awards with queer congregations and Christian organizations that are doing extraordinary things to touch lives.

The Cathedral of Hope is a large GLBT congregation. The church's sermons can be seen on the church internet web site.

Many gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and intersex people are isolated. They are isolated by fear, societal hatred and persecution. Some queer Christians are too afraid to attend a queer church. Other GLBTI Christians are physically isolated. They are too far from any gay affirming congregation to worship God in an affirming environment. The Cathedral of Hope brings an affirming church service to the living rooms of those who are not able to attend a queer positive church. For taking the gospel to the homes of queer people, we give the Cathedral of Hope the You Make Jesus Smile award.

We encourage gay people and those who support gay people to learn more about the the church or enjoy the worship services by visiting the Cathedral of Hope web site.