Helping Gays Live For God

The first rule is to do no harm. When tempted to scream, "Oh my God!" listen. When you do not know what to say, listen. When you are not sure what to think, listen. Suspend judgment. Just listen and care. You are not likely to make a mistake when you listen and care.

Many gay people have very sensitive hearts. Those hearts are sensitive to God and to people. When sensitive gay hearts are wounded by Christians, it can turn gay people off an important source of support, the community of faith. Assist gay Christians who want to attend church find a church that will accept them.

Invite gay Christians into your life. Remember them at special times of the year, the family times. Traditional family times, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, can be difficult for gay people, as they may feel they have no family with whom to celebrate those holidays. You will be enriched, as you walk together into the Kingdom with your gay brothers and sisters in Christ. Affirm your gay brother or sister's identity in Christ and their worth and value as a person.

Encourage gay Christians to serve God. Even in communities where there are no affirming churches, gay Christians can do a lot to serve the Lord. Some of the efforts can be focused on serving God in the local community. Community service and volunteer work are valuable ways of serving God.

Should you have any questions about how to assist a gay Christian, contact the pastor of a local gay congregation or talk to somebody you trust who is part of the gay community. People holding leadership roles in the gay community can give valuable advice.