Safe Churches for Gay Christians

One of the most important needs gay Christians have is safe churches. Nobody can grow spiritually and have an effective ministry in a climate of fear, hatred and distrust. Gay Christians have a right to worship and serve God in safe and affirming environments.

As a straight Christian, you can help gay people by referring them to affirming congregations and denominations. Some affirming congregations and churches in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand can be found on our links page.

More safe churches are desperately needed. As a straight Christian, you might be able do a lot more to help make your church and your denomination safe for gay people than gay people can do. Straight Christians who are working to make Christian churches safe for gay people are not likely to be seen to be promoting a selfish agenda. Some ideas for creating a gay safe church can be found in our Activism page and in the Soulforce web site.