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Prayer Forgiving School

Schools are not very safe places for gay youth. The better school environments do not emotionally support gay young people. Those schools that have poor environments can be places that are emotionally and physically dangerous for gay teenagers. Rarely do schools provide a safe, caring environment for gay students to learn and to develop. Some gay young people have learned to hate themselves as a result of their experiences in schools. In this prayer, the author forgives the educational system for the mistakes it made.

What I learned at school
The language of love and acceptance-
Faggot, wus, fruit, queer, homo -
Taught me self hate.

What I learned at school
Words of encouragement -
Don't cry, be a man, work harder -
Taught me emotions are bad.

What I learned at school
To be independent -
Loneliness, closet, no dates -
Taught me it's wrong to love others.

What I learned at school
To stand up for myself -
Sexual harassment, death threats, fights -
Taught me anger.

What I learned at school
To be successful -
Play by the rules, play straight -
Taught me failure was my lot in life.

What I learned at school
Physical fitness is a life style -
Last chosen in games, humiliation, painful exercises, -
Taught me fitness is to be avoided at all costs.

When I think back on all the crap I learned in school,
It�s a wonder I can forgive at all.
But I forgive my teachers and my peers.
They knew not what they were teaching.