Letter written by a gay Christian who was forbidden to attend his church. The author of the letter wishes to remain anonymous.

Dear Pastor:

I received your letter explaining the church board decision.

You murdered my family. You told me I could not come to church again. You informed me I am not to talk to church members. You took away my family, my friends and my support system.

My church family is now dead, murdered at your hands. I cannot celebrate their love, by attending the weddings of friends, by seeing a child baptized. Some of the frail elderly members are dear to me, just like a grandmother or a grandfather. Now I cannot even attend their funerals. You killed my family!

I don't know about you, but I go to church to worship God. Because your letters says I cannot come to church any more, I would be guilty of trespassing if I were to come to church. So worshipping God would make me a criminal. Since when was it a crime to worship God?

To put things in perspective, we need to compare my life with the life of other people in the congregation. Unmarried couples, who are living together, have been welcomed into the church. Some couples have performed ministry roles while they were not married. But I am thrown out of church. Divorced people are allowed to get married again, right in the church. But I am too evil to attend church, too evil for God's love, too evil for grace. Those who have had problems with the law are welcomed and made to feel at home. But I am cast out. I am an untouchable.

My crime, being gay. You demand celibacy from single people. I am a celibate gay man. Since when did being celibate make a person a hopeless sinner? Obviously, you are not celibate. You spiritually sodomized me. Hope it was better for you than it was for me.

Your religion is as dead as your heart. The Spirit is not moving in your heart. Your angry voice, the angry tone when you preach and talk to people proves it. The voice of a caring prophet weeps for the people. There is no crying in your voice. There are no tears in your eyes. Just anger!

You are not an agent of grace, hope and life. You are a merchant of pain and death. Just like Satan, you are an accuser of the people of God. I don't think God is impressed.