A Christian Case for Gay Marriage

Editor's Note: We debated about posting this article. Gay marriage is taken far too seriously by some people on each side of the issue. This article was posted in an effort to help lighten the discussion and to keep all involved in the debate from becoming so serious that they fail to express their opinions in love.

A wise man described marriage as a city under military siege. All those outside are fighting to get in and all those inside are fighting to get out. There is some truth to this statement. The only thing that can make one much more miserable than being alone is being in an abusive or a desperately unhappy relationship. More than one person longed to be married, so they could find happiness and freedom. Once they were married, they longed to be single, so they could find happiness and freedom.

Those people who hate gay people should keep this in mind. The way to truly get even with gay people is to allow gay people to get married. Now that will punish gay people!

Make gay people put up with the same stuff straight people have to suffer through. Give them marriage. Now that will teach the gay people of the world a lesson! And one they will not soon forget!

The sacred Christian call is to support gay marriage. Christians are to share each other's burdens. The most Christian thing a straight Christian can do is to share the burden of marriage with a gay brother or lesbian sister in Christ.