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Stop Religious Homophobia
Ex-gay Ministries

Some members of ex-gay ministries are sincere, but very mislead people. While being part of a Christian ex-gay ministry does not make a person evil, the intentions of ex-gay ministries are unethical, immoral and evil. Ex-gay ministries attempt to take people who are made in the image of God, created and formed by God to be gay or bisexual and change those people into straight men and women. The very premise upon which ex-gay ministries are founded is an act of blasphemy against both God and members of the gay community. Those promoting ex-gay ministries attempt to take responsibilities and authority that belongs to God, which is an act of blasphemy against God. Ex-gay ministries are a blasphemy against God and the gay community, as they brand what God has created as evil and treat gay people as though they are evil.

While ex-gay ministries do not promote or advocate the killing of gay people, they unintentionally promote hatred of gay and bisexual people. Ex-gay ministries tend to burden gay and bisexual people and their families with massive levels of guilt and shame.

The reaction of CreatedGay.Com to the closing of the large Christian ex-gay ministry, Exodus International and to Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International, apology to the gay community can be read by clicking here.