You Make Jesus Smile - St. Andrews on the Terrace Church

St. Andrews on the Terrace is a Presbyterian Church located in Wellington, New Zealand. The church was recommended to us for the You Make Jesus Smile Award for being inclusive and for the work it did in helping the civil union bill pass parliament. The civil union bill gave gay New Zealanders access to legal status for same-sex partners.

Jesus Christ was the champion of inclusion, bringing salvation to all. St. Andrews on the Terrace follows that Christ-like tradition. The St. Andrews web site states the church declared itself affirming in December of 1991. St. Andrews' declaration as an affirming church was a bold move.

St. Andrews appears to be standing for gay people in the face of a little opposition from the denomination. The web site indicates in 2004, the General Assembly passed a motion that the denomination not train, license or ordain "anybody involved in a sexual relationship outside of faithful marriage between a man and a woman." St. Andrews responded by reaffirming its inclusive mission.

For standing for gay rights, for including gay people in the gospel, we give St. Andrews on the Terrace the You Make Jesus Smile Award. Information about St. Andrews on the Terrace Church can be found on the congregational web site.

June 20, 2005, we received an email from one of the pastors of St. Andrews church. The email reads as follows:

Hello Gay Healing,

Thank you so much for our award. We're delighted!

Thank you for what you do to connect gay friendly groups with one another.