Steps to Recovery From Bible Abuse

Title: Steps to Recovery From Bible Abuse
Author: Rembert Truluck
Web Site: Steps to Recovery From Bible Abuse
Publisher: Chi Rho Press
Year: 2000
Available: Chi Rho Press
Publisher Review: Chi Rho Press web site

The Author:

Rembert Truluck maintains a very popular web site that is also titled Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse. Information on the web site states the site has had over 27 million hits.

Dr. Rembert Truluck completed a doctorate in theology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His career includes work as a pastor, a professor of religion and an author.


Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse. Dr. Truluck's book is written to help gay people that have suffered spiritual abuse. While this self-help book is written specifically for a gay audience, the material is of benefit to all people working with the spiritually abused. Anybody that has come out of an unhealthy religious system can benefit from the principles in this book. Pastors who are helping people who have come from unhealthy spiritual backgrounds may wish to use this book as a reference.

Throughout the book, Dr. Truluck uses God's grace and Biblical understanding as a source of healing. The author attempts to heal and empower those that have been spiritually abused and to make them into a source of healing for others.

The book is divided into 52 lessons. Because the book is divided into 52 sections, it can easily be used for a weekly study/recovery group. In one of the appendices, Dr. Truluck explains how to lead small groups. By following the principles in the book, people can go from being victims of spiritual abuse to being agents of recovery from spiritual abuse.

This 550 page book is a valuable resource to all people that have experience spiritual abuse and to all people that help the spiritually abused. This book is a very inexpensive resource and is a must for every pastor's and every counselor's library. Those who cannot afford the book are able to obtain most of the information in the book on Dr. Truluck's web site. But you will want to save and purchase the book. All gay and bisexual Christians would benefit from reading Rembert Truluck's book. This book is too valuable not to be in your library.