Fish Out of Water

Title: Fish Out of Water
Producer: Ky Dickens
Studio: Yellow Wing Productions
Year: 2009
Length: 60 minutes
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

Fish Out of Water is an award winning documentary. The DVD jacket indicates Fish Out of Water won the Jury Prize Best Documentary at the Reeling Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the Runner Up Audience Award at the Tallgrass Film Festival.

There used to be few queer Christian film resources. In the years since the first queer Christian documentaries appeared, the number of LGBT Christian documentaries produced turned from a trickle into a stream. Many of the gay Christian documentaries are well produced and feature very articulate and well educated theologians and ministers. Fish Out of Water is a welcome addition to my library, because it fills a unique niche very well. Many of the queer Christian documentaries discuss the Bible more as an interesting sideline, instead of devoting most of their focus to how the Bible can be interpreted in a queer affirming manner. The documentary Fish Out of Water concentrates on the Bible, discussing the main passages that are used to justify condemning, rejecting and excluding sexual minority peoples. Because the video is short, only being an hour long, and is easy to understand, Fish Out of Water is an excellent resource for pastors, for religious educators, for religion professors and for queer Christians.