Out in the Silence

Title: Out in the Silence: Love, Hate, and a Quest for Change in Small Town America
Directors: Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson
Studio: QWaves
Year: 2009
Length: 56 minutes
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

Out in the Silence is an award winning documentary. The DVD jacket indicates Out in the Silence won the Alternative Spirit Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Hardacre Film Festival.

The documentary Out in the Silence was created as a response to community reactions to a gay marriage announcement placed in a small-town newspaper. As one might expect, the couple received a number of angry responses to the marriage announcement. They also got a letter from a woman who expressed concern about how her gay son was being treated in school. People in the town who supported and who were opposed same-sex marriage were interviewed. This documentary looks at more than just community reactions to same-sex marriages. The video covers how homophobic bullying was addressed by the school board, how a lesbian couple starting a business was treated by people in town and at the friendship that developed between a Christian minister and one of the producers, Joe Wilson.

Out in the Silence shows what we have known for many years. Gay, lesbian and bisexual people who are out make a positive impact on gay rights. A combination of traditional advocacy and being out can be quite effective at changing public attitudes and behaviors.

Because Out in the Silence is a short documentary, it can be used in school, community and school settings. I recommend this video.