The Wise Kids

Title: The Wise Kidsn
Director: Stephen Cone
Studio: Wolfe Video
Year: 2013
Length: 95 minutes
Available: Amazon.Com, Amazon.Ca and Wolfe Video

The Wise Kids is an award-winning coming-of-age movie. According to the DVD box, The Wise Kids won four awards, including the Grand Jury Award, Outstanding Feature at Outfest, Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, Audience Award Best Feature Newfest, Jury Award Best Feature, Out on Film, Atlanta and Jury Award Best Feature Outflix, Memphis.

Doubt and questioning are a natural part of faith. High school and college are periods of questioning and discovery, even for Baptist youth whose lives revolve around the church. For gay and bisexual youth, spiritual questioning and sexual discovery are more challenging and stressful.

In this movie, we see more than teenaged high school students, who are heading off to college, coming of age, questioning their beliefs and coming to terms with their sexuality. Some of the adults in the movie are also coming of age.

While there are examples of conflict between faith and spirituality, the movie does not focus on the polarization that exists between some Christian communities of faith and some gay, bisexual and trans people. Because the focus is on the stories of the youth and important adults in their life and the focus is not on faith and sexuality tensions, the movie is not emotionally gut-wrenching. The Wise Kidsis a pleasant movie that touches some on important topics.