You Should Meet My Son

Title: You Should Meet My Son
Director: Scott Grenke
Studio: Waltzing Penguin
Year: 2010
Length: 85 minutes
Available: Amazon.Com, Amazon.Ca and Wolfe Video

I am not sure which thought strikes more dread into the hearts of young gay men, the thought of coming out to their conservative mother or the thought of having their mother trying to set them up with cute, eligible men. Having your mother trying to set you up is almost universally hated and dreaded. This movie contains both!

Mae, a conservative southern lady, is shocked when she figures out that her son, Brian, is gay. At first, she explores ex-gay Christian programs. We watch the antics of Mae learning about how to pick up gay men and going into the unfamiliar territory of gay bar, as she searches for a boyfriend for Brian. The plot seems unbelievable and some of the events in the movie are over the top. As goofy as parts of the movie can be, this movie is a scream. I have not laughed so hard when watching a movie in a long time. You Should Meet My Son is just plain fun, but do not let the crazy humor make you think this is not a serious movie. The movie looks at homophobia, religious homophobia, the tactics of ex-gay Christian ministries, stereotypes and the importance of accepting and loving people. This movie can be the starting point for serious discussions about homophobia and the power of love and acceptance.

The DVD cover lists four awards the movie received. According to the movie's website, You Should Meet My Son won 14 awards. Additional information about this movie can be found on the You Should Meet My Son website.