Sister Mary

Title: La Mission
Studio: Screen Media
Year: 2010
Length: : 116 minutes
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

Many parents struggle to accept gay, lesbian and bisexual children. The stress of accepting a sexual minority child can tax the coping skills of some parents and can result in children being mistreated and abused by their parents. In this movie, Che, finds himself fighting the demons of his past, addictions and violence, after he learns his son, Jesse, is gay. Che struggles, not always with success, to accept his son.

Because family relationships and individuals are complex, this powerful movie seems very realistic. A multitude of issues can be seen in the movie. The movie deals with very serious issues, including homophobia, hate crimes, addictions and violence. Because of the issues this movie addresses, the movie can be used by those wishing understand how family dynamics can be influenced when a family member comes out.