Sister Mary

Title: Sister Mary
Studio: Ariztical
Year: 2012
Length: : 99 minutes
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

In this movie, a very homophobic police detective ends up being partnered with a very flamboyant gay man, as they attempt to solve the murders of a number of gay men. Eventually, the murderer is caught, but the murderer is not caught due to the brilliance or the skills of the investigating police officers.

While some people might enjoy the humor of watching completely incompetent police officers investigating crimes, I did not like the movie. I was left wondering which was worse, the script or the acting. The best role in the movie seemed to be the role played by porn star Brent Corrigan, who only needed to act cute and over-sexed. He was more convincing in that role than any of the other actors.

I am not a fan of movies that contain graphic violence. While the murders are shown in the movie, the murders are shot in a way that helped minimize the gore of the murders.

Should you be desperate to watch a gay themed movie, this might work for you. Unless you are desperate, watching TV reruns of 1960s sitcoms might be more enjoyable and entertaining. I give his movie 1 out of 5 stars.