Beyond Hatred

Title: Beyond Hatred
Studio: First Run Features
Year: 2008
Length: : 85 minutes
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

According to the DVD jacket, this video won two awards, Special Jury Prize at the Sarasota Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Berlin Film Festival.

In life, we expect people to die at an old age and for older family members to be buried by younger family members. When a young person dies, especially when a child dies, the loss feels more intense, because parents are not supposed to bury their children; life does not work like that. Brutal hate crimes are very challenging for surviving family members. The family in this documentary received a doubly difficult blow - the murder of a son in a hate crime.

In this documentary, the family of a gay man, who was murdered by a group of skin heads, grieves and decides how they wish to respond to the men convicted of murdering their son. The family works through the process of moving from anger and bitterness to forgiveness. Beyond Hatred is an excellent case study in forgiveness.

The documentary is not in English, but it contains English subtitles, which are fairly easy to follow.