The Queen James Bible

Title: The Queen James Bible
Publisher: The Queen James Bible
Year: 2012
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

For somebody wanting a small Bible that is convenient to put in a murse, a purse or a large coat pocket and take to work of to church, the Queen James Bible is not want you want. The Bible has the subtlety of an inflamed, sore thumb, sticking out for everybody to see. The Queen James Bibleis a large, flamboyant Bible. The Bible measures about 8.5 x 11 inches and is roughly an inch and a half thick. The Bible is larger, more bulky and heavier than some of my specialty study Bibiles. On the front of the Bible is a large, bright rainbow cross.

Most of the Bible is fairly standard King James English. The traditional clobber passages that have not been translated well have been written in a way that better reflects the meaning from the Biblical languages and the meaning from the context of the passage. For example, in the passages in Leviticus that are often used to damn gay men to hell, the context of the worship of another god comes clearly through in the Queen James Bible. The Queen James Biblesays to the effect that men are not to have sex with other men in the temple of Molech.

The Bible would be very usable, if it was not quite as large and if it had a better font. The letters are reasonably large in height, but feel a bit thin and light. A little dark print and a smaller size would make this Bible very usable and would make it a personal favorite to take to church.