The Cross in the Closet

Title: The Cross in the Closet
Author: Timothy Kurek
Publisher: BlueHead Publishing
Year: 2012
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

Timothy Kurek's book, The Cross in the Closet is controversial, challenging and insightful. Because the book is challenging and insightful, I encourage people to read the book before judging the book. The Cross in the Closet, like other challenging and insightful books, has the potential to open hearts and to make a difference.

Kurek, who describes himself as a homophobic, straight Christian, determines to come to terms with his personal homophobia and to learn a little about what it is like to be gay. Timothy Kurek takes us with us, as he comes out to his family as a gay man. He describes the rejection he felt from the pastor of his church and from close Christian friends. We go with Kurek, as he takes other big first steps, such as going to a gay bar. In The Cross in the Closet, we read of Kurek's experiences as he works in the gay community and becomes friends with members of the queer community.

Probably the most moving part of the book for me was when Kurek comes out to his gay friends. With Kurek, we experience again, the fear of coming out, the fear of hurting people and the fear of rejection.

There is more than one way to view Timothy Kurek's year living as a gay man. Some people see the year as an experiement, while others see the year as a life-changing attempt to overcome homophobia. Telling a lie that hurts people and then of living a lie for a year is difficult to defend, if the year was only an experiment. Stepping out of straight shoes, putting on gay shoes and then walking in those gay shoes for a year, in an attempt to understand and in an attempt to deal with personal homophobia is hard to dogmatically condemn.

The Cross in the Closet is a must read for Christian pastors and lay leaders, because through Timothy Kurek's experiences they can come to see the challenges of living in a closet, the challenges of coming out and the reality that there is a deep spirituality in the queer community.