Love in Action

Title: This is What Love in Action Looks Like
Director: Morgan J. Fox
Studio: TLA Releasing
Year: 2012
Length: 74 minutes
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

According to the DVD box, this movie won three awards, the Special Jury Awards at the Indie Memphis Film Festival, the Audience Choice Award at the Spokane GLBT Film Festival and the Best Festival Award at the Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival.

Some gay, lesbian and bisexual people experience stress when they try to reconcile their sexuality and their faith. Rejection by their churches and families can cause gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals trauma. There are conservative Christian programs that claim to help people overcome their homosexuality. Stories shared by people who were in ex-gay ministry programs, such as those seen in the documentary Fish Can't Fly, give the sense that ex-gay ministries may increase the level of trauma gay Christians experience.

While sexual identity may have fluidity, sexual orientation seems very fixed to me. For some reason, I have a morbid curiosity about what takes place in ex-gay ministries and what methods their "counsellors" use when they are attempting to help gay people turn straight. Reports about ex-gay ministries impress me as being a combination of very sad and wildly bazaar. The description of this movie immediately made the movie a must see, because the movie is about a news story that caught the attention of the word's queer community for months. News reports appeared about Zach Stark, a gay teenager, whose parents were reported to have sent Zach to an ex-gay ministry against his will.

This movie tells the story of Zach Stark, of the activists who protested at Love in Action and of John Smid, the director of the ex-gay ministry. Parts of the movie show deep passion. Peterson Tascano, who spent years in ex-gay ministries, shares about the suicide note of a man he knew in an ex-gay ministry. The protests caused John Smid, the director of the ex-gay ministry, to have a complete change of heart regarding gay people.

Some information about Zach Stark's blog, which riveted world attention on this ex-gay ministry can be found on the Truth Wins Out website.