Holy Terror

Title: Holy Terror: Lies the Christian Right Tells Us to Deny Gay Equality
Author: Mel White
Publisher: Magnus Books, New York
Year: 2006
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

Rarely do I read a book that leaves me informed, challenged, motivated and deeply moved. "Wow!" is an appropriate, heart-felt response to Mel White's book Holy Terror.

Holy Terror warns that we must act against religious extremism, encourages us to become social activists, teaches principles of peaceful resistance and powerfully demonstrates the impact of love and acceptance on members of God's queer tribe. In Holy Terror, Mel White discusses the potential dangers of the United States being ruled by the specific laws of the Bible, instead of the broad principles of freedom, equality and separation of church and state. Mel White shares the story of when his father, Carl White, who was roughly a 90 year old conservative Christian, accepted an invitation to take part in a Pride parade. Mel White's aging father, Carl, read the Bible, prayed and came to the conclusion that his friends, who all advised against being in the Pride parade, were wrong. One result of Carl White reaching out in love to the gay community was a lesbian, who was rejected by her parents, asking Carl to be her father. The story of Carl White's impact demonstrates that the Bible can motivate people to work for social justice.

Holy Terror is a must read for moderate and progressive Christians. The touching story of Mel White's father and the young lesbian alone is worth the cost of Holy Terror.