In the Family

Title: In the Family
Writer: Patrick Wang
Director: Patrick Wang
Length: 169 minutes

Website: In The Family

This movie won six awards. According to the movie's Internet website, In the Family won the New York Times Critics' Pick, the Hammer to the Nail Golden Hammer Award, the Spokane International Film Festival Best First Feature Most Promising Filmmaker Award, the San Diego Asian Film Festival Best Narrative Feature Emerging Filmmaker Award, the San Francisco International Asian Film Festival Best Narrative Feature Emerging Filmmaker Award and the Film Independent Spirit Awards Best First Feature Nominee.

There are legendary stories from the AIDS crisis of the 1980s of gay men who were abused, condemned, rejected and cut-off by their families. When those gay men were sick with AIDS, their families did not visit them at all, leaving only their gay partners and friends to care for them in their last hours. But as soon as the gay men died of AIDS, suddenly the family swooped in, taking all of the possessions they could get, because gay partners had no legal rights.

Cody and Joey are partners, who are raising Chip. When Cody dies, the grieving Joey is left trying to be a father in the face of a custody and property rights dispute with Cody's family.

In The Family addresses the complex problem of family issues and property rights when gay men are not able to get married and do not have the protections straight married couples have. The movie makes powerful statements, without being preachy or sounding like a gay rights documentary. The points illustrating the need for the recognition of same-sex marriages come from the hearts of the characters.

This is an excellent movie, but be prepared to be patient. This is not an action flick. The movie is a little shy of three hours long.