The Preacher's Son

Title: The Preacher's Son (Autobiography)
Author: Marc Adams
Publisher: Window Books
Year: 1996
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

According to the book jacket, The Preacher's Son was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist. The Preacher's Son is a powerful, gripping autobiography. Rarely, do I read a book that is difficult for me to put down. Overwhelming fatigue is the only thing that kept me from reading the entire book in one setting.

Marc Adams was raised in the abusive home of a very conservative, fundamentalist Baptist pastor. The home was so strict that Marc considered attending Jerry Falwell's Liberty University to be an escape from the extremes of his home. We are able to follow Marc's life, as he longs to leave home and to go to Liberty University and as he struggles to accept his sexuality while attending Liberty University. The high point of the book is where Marc says out loud that he is gay and observes, "My acceptance was my salvation."