VDay Until the Violence Stops

Title: VDay Until the Violence Stops
Year: 2005
Length: 73 minutes

Available: Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Violence against women is a serious problem. The prevalence of violence against women is a problem seen in almost every culture, region and nation in the world. Violence against women ranges from the invasive and disrespectful practice of coerced female circumcision to sexual assault to murder. Canada, a country that probably has a reputation for being a peaceful nation, has a man serving time for murdering women, who is reported to have said that he had killed 49 women.

This award-winning video won the Sundance Festival Official Selection, Emmy Award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics, and the Amnesty International Film Festival Official Selection awards. The video combines entertaining clips from Vagina Monologues, with clips of women talking about sexual assault and forced female circumcision. One of the more moving scenes of the movie is at a public performance where every woman who has been sexually assaulted is asked to stand and every person who knows somebody who has been sexually assaulted is also asked to stand.

This video includes artistic interpretations of the vaginal area, models showing how disfiguring different types of female circumcision and women pretending to be in orgasm. While the video is not for the faint of heart, the video addresses topics that are vital for society to discuss. We need to be prepared to step out of our comfort zone to understand the causes of violence against women and to find ways of reducing the climate of hate against women. People of faith need to enter into uncomfortable topics to help ensure there is social justice and to bring comfort to the wounded.