First Out

Title: First Out: A Collection of Award-Winning Gay-Themed Movies
Year: 2007
Length: 65 minutes

Available: and

A DVD with a series of short movies could be compared with an anthology of short stories or an anthology of poetry. An anthology can be an excellent source of literature, even if some of the stories or poetry in the anthology are not enjoyable.

Is One of You Eddie?

Eddie is a rather ordinary, straight-looking gay man. His West Hollywood neighbors can hardly believe it when they learn that Eddie gives powerful erotic massages. The short, roughly eight minute long film, provides a humorous look into gay stereotypes and helps emphasize that people are much more than they appear to be.


This short movie reverses societal roles. Society is mainly gay and heterosexuality is not well accepted. In church, ministers may speak out against men and women having sex. Boys are expected to date boys and girls are expected to date girls. When boys or girls are not actively pursuing gay relationships, they are pressured into gay dating and relationships. A high school boy and girl find themselves attracted to each other. The boy is physically bullied after other students find him kissing a girl. The girl does not feel ready to have a relationship with a boy.

This short ten minute movie could be used in schools and communities to show people what it is like to be gay, to be a member of a sexual minority group, and to face expectations that are difficult to meet.

The Neighborly Thing

This is a dark short movie about mystery and murder, where a neighbor’s interest in his neighbor gets him in trouble.

Meet Joe Gay

This is a twenty-four minute documentary exploring the reasons why some gay men struggle to find a long-term meaningful relationship. A variety of people in the Benjamin Morgan’s life, including friends, parents members and a former boyfriend, and men in long-term relationships are interviewed about relationships. The documentary contains some interesting insights into why some gay men do not find lasting, committed relationships.

A Good Son

Joseph meets Tim at a diving meet in which Joseph’s brother is competing. The two teens are attracted to each other, but fear appears to prevent Joseph from forming a more lasting relationship with Tim. While it appears that Joseph and Tim might not meet again, their brief, innocent encounter might prove to be a life changing event for Joseph.


This reviewer rarely purchases DVDs that contain a collection of short movies. First Out was only purchased because it was on sale. Different is an excellent short movie, easily worth the cost of the entire DVD.