Food of Love

Title: Make the Yuletide Gay
Director: Rob Williams
Studio: TLA Releasing
Year: 2009
Length: 89 minutes

Available: and

Gunn and Nathan are college boyfriends. Because of a last minute change in plans, Nathan ends up staying at Gunn's family home for Christmas. The Christmas break becomes complex when Nathan discovers his out boyfriend is not out to his parents. The Christmas break is a time when the college boys and their families learn about family, love, acceptance and honesty.

This movie is sexually tame, with little to offend people. There are no sex scenes in this movie. There are a couple of scenes with same-gender kissing and there is the odd shot of a man with his shirt off. The movie contains numerous word plays and sexual innuendos. The word plays add humor to the movie, because in some cases the people making the comments do not know they are making a sexual innuendo.

This movie ran several times during Christmas week on a major gay cable television show. The movie was an enjoyable and sweet watch each time it appeared on television.