Holy Eros: Pathways to a Passionate God

Title: Holy Eros: Pathways to a Passionate God
Author: James Whitehead and Evelyn Whitehead
Publisher: Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York
Year: 2009
Available: Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

There has been a long-standing divide between images that include elements of the erotic and the sacred. The gulf between physical passion and spiritual passion has not served humanity well. The sexual has been demonized by some people. The demonization of sexuality has resulted in an unhealthy view of sexuality in some religious and cultural groups.

The position of the authors is that the word agape is not the best description for God's love. A better translation of the Scriptures would have used the word eros to describe God's love, but the word eros was not used, because Eros was the name of an ancient god. According to the Whiteheads, Pope Benedict XVI understands eros to be an excellent representation of God's love. The intensity of God's love might be better understood from the depths of the passion of eros than from agape.

This book makes an interesting read for those who are interested in ways to promote a more wholesome view of sexuality, as well as to those who seek to find new ways to describe God's love. Christian counsellors and pastors might find this book refreshing and helpful.