Title: TransAmerica Director: Duncan Tucker
Writer: Duncan Tucker
Studio: Weinstein
Year: 2005
Length: 104 minutes

Available: and

Movies about trans people are not common. Finding a trans film in a thrift shop is a rare and pleasant find.

The movie stars Emmy award winner Felicity Huffman, as Bree. While Bree, a trans woman who is waiting for scheduled gender assignment surgery, receives a phone call about a son, Toby, she did not know existed. She bails Toby, her son, out of jail and the two get acquainted as they cross America in a car. On the trip, Toby discovers Bree is a trans woman.

In many respects, this film is about understanding one's role and identity. In the movie, Bree and Toby come to understand their identities and roles in life. Bree transitions more fully into the role of being out as a trans woman, while Toby transitions into the role of being a son in a family he did not know.

The movie has an R rating. The movie has modest sex scenes. In one scene, naked men are seen swimming and in another scene, a man can be seen urinating.

The director's reflections and commentary brings to life some themes in the movie. His reflections are worth the extra hour and a half to watch.

A very pleasant, entertaining, enjoyable and educational movie. Five stars out of five stars.