8 The Mormon Proposition

Title: 8 The Mormon Proposition
Director: Reed Cowan
Producer: Reed Cowan
Studio: Wolfe Video
Year: 2010
Length: 80 minutes

Available: Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

According to the DVD package, the 8 the Mormon Proposition was the Official Selection for the 2010 Sundance Film Fesitival.

Proposition 8 resulted in a political divisive campaign against same-sex marriage in California. Rumors that the Latter Day Saints denomination played a crucial role in defeating same-sex marriage circulated in the days following the defeat of gay marriage rights in California. While the main thrust of The Mormon Proposition is the political activism of the Latter Day Saints, the documentary is about more than the Mormon church. The role of Catholics and Evangelicals in defeating California gay marriage, suicide and queer youth homelessness are also discussed.

The documentary starts with the emotional marriage of a young gay California couple. Their love is very real, very evident. The story of the couple's courtship and marriage emphasizes how much same-sex marriage means to gay couples who are in love.

Through the documentary, you see strategies reportedly used by the Mormon church denomination to raise money to support Proposition 8 and how the Mormon church helped with some of the political organizing required to make Proposition 8 successful. Positions of the leaders of the Latter Day Saints, as well as positions expressed by Mormon politicians are included in documentary. In the documentary, problems created by homophobia, such as suicide and gay youth homelessness, are discussed. While portions of the video contain an emotional punch, the documentary provides interesting insights in the political activism of organized religions.