Chris and Don: A Love Story

Title: Chris and Don: A Love Story
Directors: Guido Santi and Tina Mascara
Producers: Julia Scott, Tina Mascara, Guido Santi and James White Studio: Entertainment One
Year: 2007
Length: 90 minutes

Available: and

Chris and Don is based on the real life story of Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy. In the early 1950s, a British author, met Don on a beach in Santa Monica, California. Their love relationship continued until Chris died in 1986, even though there was a thirty year difference in age between the men.

The movie is a documentary of a long romance. Through interviews, diary entries and period movie clips, the heritage and lives of Chris and Don, and their romantic relationship is told. Chris spent some of his early adulthood in pre-World War II Berlin. Before the start of the war, Chris moved to the United States. The depth of love between the two men is very touching, especially during the last few months of Chris' life, when Don drew or painted numerous illustrations of Chris every day. Anybody who doubts that gay men can love men or that women can love women needs to watch this very touching documentary.