No Son of Mine

Title: No Son of Mine
Author: Kevin Backer
Publisher: iUniverse, New York
Year: 2010
Available: and

No Son of Mine is not Kevin Backer's first novel. He also wrote The Preacher's Son, an excellent novel about a pastor's gay son.

Brandon, a gay teenager, is disowned and kicked out of home when his father learns Brandon is gay. Brandon purchases a bus ticket to New Orleans. In New Orleans, Brandon ends up homeless and without money. Preston and Brandon meet, Preston befriends Brandon, giving Brandon a place to stay, and the two fall deeply in love. As a result of hurricane Katrina, the two are separated. After much searching, the find are reunited.

This novel is very erotic. There is an erotic element in loving relationships, especially when they are relationships between young men. Unfortunately, toward the middle of the book the erotic portion of the book becomes a progressively a larger portion of the book. The movement of the story line is slowed, and, at times, almost overwhelmed by the erotic portion of the story. Toward the end of the novel, the pace and drama of the story increases significantly. The novel is a pleasant read, even with the scorching and lengthy sex scenes. Had the some of the hot sex scenes been eliminated or reduced in detail, the novel would be a better read.