Patrick, Age 1.5

Title: Patrick, Age 1.5
Director: Ella Lemhagen
Studio: Entertainment One
Year: 2010
Length: 102 minutes

Available: and

The movie is in Swedish, with English subtitles. Watching a movie subtitles takes more energy, but the plot is easy to follow.

After being approved to adopt children, Goran and Sven, a gay couple learns there are no international children available, because most countries will not allow a homosexual couple to adopt children. As can be imagined, the couple is devastated by the news. The couple asks if there might be a Swedish or a Danish child they could. An official at the adoption agency promises to check, but makes no promises.

The adoption agency made a clerical mistake. The 18 month old child (1.5 year old) they thought they were going to adopt turns out to be fifteen year-old Patrick, a homophobic boy, who had problems with the law. The stress of having Patrick strains the marital relationship, as Patrick starts to bond with Goran and Sven, his new family.