Call Me Troy

Title: Call Me Troy
Director: Scott Bloom
Producers: Scott Bloom and Larry Diamond Studio: Tragoidia Moving Pictures
Year: 2007
100 minutes

Available: Tragoidia

Call me Troy is a documentary about the life of Troy Perry, the founder of a largely gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-identified church denomination, the Metropolitan Community Churches. According to the back of the DVD package, this documentary won the Audience Awards for the Best Documentary at Cinekink, at the Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Troy Perry's life is important, because Troy Perry is one of America's gay rights pioneers. Troy was involved in some of the most important political struggles for gay rights in the United States, including, but not limited to, the struggle for same-sex marriage. Troy was a key organizer in the first Pride parade in Los Angeles. According to the film, the Metropolitan Community Church purchased the first property owned by any gay organization in the country.

The documentary includes video clips of Troy Perry sharing stories about his life. As the story of Troy's life and contributions unwinds, clips of Troy's childhood, Troy's preaching, clips of Troy's social justice activities and interviews of Troy's brother, Troy's mother and other people who know Troy Perry. The documentary describes how society treated gay and lesbian people were treated in the early years of Troy Perry's ministry as the pastor of a queer congregation.

Parts of the documentary are powerful and moving. This video is a must watch, because the video shows how people moved by the Spirit can change the world. The documentary also helps people understand that the role of churches in the gay rights movement, as in the civil rights movement, was pivotal.