Title: Boy
Director: P.J. Castellaneta
Studio: Wolfe Video
Year: 2010
80 minutes

Available: web site and

Boy, an international movie, is an award winner. According to the DVD box, Boy won Official Selection Frameline at the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival, Official Selection Outfest at the Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival, and Official Selection at the Seattle International Film Festival. The film is in Filipino, with English subtitles.

This video has mature content in the form of explicit language relating to acts of sex. There are scenes of masturbation without showing genitals.

Coming of age films are popular, regardless of the sexuality of the main characters. They might be popular, because the romance and emotions of first loves is so very powerful. Boy is a coming of age film. Because many gay youth are deprived of their coming of age with a same-sex partner, films about gay youth coming of age might be more touching for gay men and lesbians.

Aeious is hoping to be a writer, a poet. He ends up in a gay club, watching the performers. He is quite taken with Lawrence, one of the dancers. Aeious ends up paying for a night with Aries. The night of adventures turns out to be much more about romance and love than about a trick. The young men spend part of the night at each otherís homes and end up meeting each otherís families. The films ends with us not knowing if the romance between the two young men grows or ends. All we know is that the boys had an enjoyable evening of sex.