Relax . . . It's Just Sex!

Title: Relax . . . It's Just Sex!
Director: P.J. Castellaneta
Producer: Eli Kabillio and Cevin Soling
Year: 1993
110 minutes

Available: web site and

The movie starts with a black and white video clip that reminds one of old sexuality education films. The introduction shows two ladies kissing, and to men hugging. After seeing the mild expressions of affection, we are told that there is “nothing to be afraid of.”

From a rather educational and clinical perspective, the movie quickly changes pace and focus. In the movie, we see a wide variety of range of sexualities - gay, lesbian, and straight relationships. The stories, which include love, casual connections, long-term relationships, gay bashing, sexual assault, pregnancy, miscarriage, and HIV/AIDS, are braided together. Because there are numerous stories, one does not get bored.

The movie contains humor, but that does not stop it from having deeper themes. One of those themes is value of the love and support of friends.