Homophobia in the Workplace

Title: Homophobia in the Workplace
Studio: Motivational Media
Year: 1993
58 minutes

Available: Brian McNaught web site and Amazon.ca

Homophobia in the Workplace is a video featuring author and speaker Brian McNaught. According to Brian McNaught's web site, Brian holds a B.A. In journalism. In the early 1980s, Brian was a liaison to Boston's queer community. Brian has talked to many professional and university groups across North America, Europe, and Asia.

The video was released in 1993, but the content is still very current, because the video does not cite a lot of statistics. Instead of quoting numerous studies, Brian McNaught focuses on the timeless issues centered around homophobia in society and the workplace. The video is a film of one of his presentations. The presentation is not a dull lecture. During the presentation, Brian McNaught does not refer to any notes. Humor helps hold the audience's attention. Judging by the shots of members of the audience, Brian is able to connect with his audience.

This is an excellent video. Brian McNaught is an effective spokesman for understanding and acceptance.