Nico and Dani

Title: Nico and Dani
Director: Cesc Gay
Producers: Gerardo Herrero and Marta Esteban
Studio: New Yorker Video
Year: 2001

Available: and

The movie is in Spanish. English subtitles are available. The story line is easy to follow with the English subtitles.

Sexuality in the movie is subtle, not raw. Scenes with masturbation, mutual masturbation, sex experimentation, and sex are in the movie, but there is no frontal nudity. Camera angles and bedding cover the sexual action.

Sexual awakening takes place in adolescent youth of all sexual orientations. Adolescents can find themselves awkwardly moving into dating, and experimentation. In some cases, the sexual experimentation can be with both genders.

All of teenaged drama associated with coming of age is present in the move. The movie contains elements of friendship, flirting, crushes, romance, jealousy, and attempts to court an older person. Dani and Nico are friends. Their friendship appears to pull themselves in different directions, as Nico focuses his time and attention on young ladies, while Dani finds himself attracted to Nico and other young men.