In The Eye of the Storm: Swept to the Center by God

Title: In The Eye of the Storm: Swept to the Center by God
Author: Gene Robinson
Publisher: Seabury Books of New York
Year: 2008
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Gene Robinson was a gay Episcopalian (Anglican) priest when his name became news. An openly gay priest was not news. What made the headlines was the fact that Gene Robinson could become the first openly gay bishop in the Anglican Communion.

There was no shortage of drama surrounding Gene Robinson's election as a bishop. Divisions in the world Anglican Communion deepened. There were allogations of sexual misconduct. The allogations held up the process. Once the allogations were proven false, concern in the media seemed to turn more toward Gene Robinson's security. He wore a bulletproof vest during the consecration service.

Watching the consecration service was a powerful and a moving experience. Seeing an openly gay man have his spiritual gifts recognized by a mainline denomination was a deeply affirming experience for many gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians.

When Gene Robinson wrote a book, the book immediately became a "must read." This reviewer wanted to know more about the heart of this courageous man.

The book In the Eye of the Storm shows Gene Robinson is a man of spiritual and theological depth. Bishop Robinson discusses homosexuality and the Christian church, daily Christianity, and the Anglican Communion.

Probably the most challenging and meaningful portion of the book for gay, lesbian, and bisexual readers is about embracing the exile. Gene Robinson believes gay people can enrich the world by embracing who they are. Embracing the exile means queer people of faith need to return to houses of faith, be spiritually out in the queer community, and be willing to pay the price for making change. Embracing the exile as queer individuals makes a difference for both straight and queer people. Gene Robinson shares the story of receiving a letter from a straight woman in prison. She wrote that his election as bishop heled her feel she could find a community that would love her despite what she had done.

Prepare to be challenged and enriched by In the Eye of the Storm.

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