Boy Culture

Title: Boy Culture
Director: Q. Allan Brocka
Studio: TLA
Year: 2007 on DVD
Available: and

Boy Culture is neither a pornographic, nor an erotic movie. There are no steamy full-bodied, naked sex scenes. Anybody wanting an erotic movie will be very disappointed by Boy Culture.

Those who do not want to take a chance at watching a bad movie tend to read the awards to see if they should bother watching the movie. The pedigree on the outside of the DVD box includes the following:

  • Official Selection, Tribeca Film Festival

  • Grand Jury Prize, Best Screenplay, Outfest

  • Best of Fest London, Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

  • Jury Award, Best Feature Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

  • Official Selection, Seattle International Film Festival

The movie is about three roommates, who essentially form a queer family, composed of X, a male prostitute, who serves only a few wealthy clients, Joey, an out and slutty teenager, and Andrew, a very sexually reserved Black man.

When X gets a new client, Gregory, he gets more than he bargained for in a business relationship. Gregory refuses to have sex with X until X desires to have sex with him. The first few encounters with Gregory are more like romantic dates than sexual encounters. They talk and learn about each other. Gregory is almost as much a friend and a therapist as he is a client. In time, the professional relationship changes X. Partly because of the time Gregory and X spent together, Andrew and X are able to develop enough to form a long-term romantic relationship with Andrew.

There is something gripping about the movie. Perhaps, it is the many interesting twists in the plot.