Through My Eyes

Title: Through My Eyes
Director: Justin Lee
Studio: The Gay Christian Network
Year: 2009
Available:,, and Through My Eyes DVD

The documentary Through My Eyes is presented by the Gay Christian Network. People wanting a video that will beat some intelligence into the thick minds of the homophobic bigots who rage in churches will be disappointed. Through My Eyes takes a very different approach.

The DVD is a collection of stories shared by young adults. The youth share their spiritual testimonies - how they came to understand who God is and that they wanted God in their lives. As one watches the video, one can see these youth are deeply religious. Their sense of connection to God and of being called by God is genuine.

There are frank discussions of trying to reconcile Christian spirituality and being gay. The youth featured in the documentary explain how they came to understand they were gay, and the struggle they went through to accept themselves. Some of the youth talk about how they cried. Some prayed that they would overcame their same-gender sexual desires. There are feelings of rejection by God and the church. Homophobic jokes told by Christians proved their churches rejected them. Hearing family members say gays should all be rounded up and shot proved their families also rejected them. Some of the young adults share feeling unworthy and filthy. Depression and overwhelming fear was experienced by a few of the people. Young Christians growing up in such an environment, who wanted to serve God with all their heart, would never choose to be gay. Some of the stories included being anointed with oil and prayed for, going to ex-gay counselling, and going to a Christian college. One person in the documentary shares, “To go from the spiritual good guy in the family, the little theologian to the kid who people don’t know is going straight to hell . . . It was devastating, and for that reason in high school I was such a torn kid.”

The beauty of Through My Eyes is that the documentary does not present arguments. The collection of stories helps people understand that gay people are not inherently evil, disgusting, or vile; that people do not choose to be gay; and that gay people are deeply sensitive and spiritual.

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