The Houseboy

Title: The Houseboy
Director: Spencer Schilly
Studio: TLA
Year: 2007
Available: and

There are sex scenes in the movie. While those scenes are not quite as intense as they are in the series Queer as Folk, there are a few shots of making out, and bare posteriors. A person wanting an erotic or a pornographic movie will be disappointed by The Houseboy.

Ricky, a young adult, is a houseboy for a thirties-something gay couple. He ends up alone house-sitting for the couple during the Christmas holiday season. Because Ricky is gay, he was rejected by his family. Christmas is a difficult time to be alone, especially when one does not feel very welcome at home.

Ricky is shattered when he learns the couple might get a new boy-toy. He turns to casual sex and drug use. During Christmas holidays, Ricky plans on ending his life. Romance enters the picture when Ricky meets Blake, who is a college student. The budding romance changes Ricky’s plans for a Christmas suicide.

This movie shows the power of romance. In the movie, casual sex is not enough to help Ricky cope with the pain of knowing he may end up being replaced by a different houseboy. Casual hookups do not give him hope. Romance, however, seems to work. Relationships and romance can provide people with the hope required to overcome difficult life disappointments.

The Houseboy is not a classic movie. While this movie does not have the sparkle required to make you want to watch it over and over again, it is a pleasant watch, and the movie portrays same-sex romance and queer culture. The movie could be given 3 stars out of 5.

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