The God Box

Title: The Queer Bible Commentary
Author(s): Deryn Guest, Robert Goss, Mona West, and Thomas Bohache, eds.
Publisher: SCM Press, London
Year: 2006
Available: Amazon.Com and Amazon.Ca

This reviewer’s study has many Bible study resources. There are shelves of study Bibles, shelves of single-volume Bible commentaries, and numerous sets of multi-volume Bible commentaries. There is a mixture of old classics, and contemporary Bible commentaries. Even the more liberal resources do not provide much information on passages that are of specific interest to gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-identified, and intersex Christians.

There is a need for queer study Bibles, and for queer Bible commentaries. Straight theologians do not see the need to address some of the key passages that are important to sexual minorities. By studying from a queer Bible commentary, members of sexual minorities are better able to see themselves represented in the Bible, and are better able to apply the principles of the Word to their lives.

Bible commentaries that discuss every passage of the Bible are wonderful. Unfortunately, this commentary does not provide explanations for every passage of the entire Bible. The commentary focuses mainly on passages that are largely ignored in traditional Bible commentaries. While this Bible commentary has limitations, it is well-written, insightful, and scholarly. Overall, the Queer Bible Commentary is an excellent resource for pastors and Sunday School teachers of welcoming, affirming, or affirming congregations; pastors and Sunday School teachers of mainly queer congregations, and for people who are wishing to dig deeper into some passages of the Bible that relate to sexual minorities.