Come Home!

Title: Come Home! Reclaiming Spirituality and Communtiy as Gay Men and Lesbians
Author: Chris Glasser
Publisher: Chi Rho Press, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Year: 1998

Some books focus mainly on a defense of gay, lesbian, and bisexuality Christianity. Those books do not discuss how to live faithfully as queer Christians. Chris Glasserís book is a well-rounded book, which calls gay and lesbian Christians to move beyond churchphobia, into embracing Godís call on their lives, and to serve God.

Glasserís book looks at five aspects of queer Christian spirituality. The book is divided into sections that include welcoming Godís acceptance, receiving our inheritance, discerning our call, making our witness, and declaring our vision.

Receiving gay inheritance includes more than affirming doctrinal positions regarding Jesus Christ. Claiming Godís inheritance for gay people includes seeing a fresh vision, accepting and celebrating the sexuality God gave gays and lesbians, having intimacy with God, and finding connections between same-gender sexuality and spirituality.

Discovering Godís call involves overcoming the sins of low self-esteem, worshipping the idol of heterosexuality, and believing one is unlovable to God. Finding oneís call is aided by loving long-term relationships. Discerning Godís call for gays and lesbians is seen as risking pain, and working for social justice.

Chris Glasser discusses the gay and lesbian witness. The gay witness is a witness against those who feel AIDS is Godís punishment for homosexuality. A gay witness is shows Godís glory in the gay movement, and in the lives of gay men and women. The gay and lesbian witness shows Godís love for the gay community.

Glasser sees the gay Christian vision as making the world safe for diversity, helping people understand that healing does not require uniformity, finding spiritual healing when loved ones die, and living and loving etnerally. When gay people live out the vision, they are spiritual cornerstones.

The book, Come Home, is challenging, inspiring, moving, and profound. Come Home is strongly recommended reading for gay, lesbian, and bisexual Christians.