Queer Christian Testimonies:

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-identified Christians have powerful testimonies. The testimonies of other queer Christians can give you courage and help strengthen your walk with Christ.

Queer Christians and their straight allies are welcome to share personal tesimonies. To provide maximum protection, all testimonies will be posted without any names, addresses, or information that could identify people in the testimony. An author can choose to share a testimony with his or her name, as long as the author certifies he or she is 18 years of age or older.

Note: Ex-gay testimonies or testimonies that promote the idea that all queer Christians can or should refrain from all sex will not be accepted.

A few subjects your testimony could be about include:
  • How you have come to accept yourself.
  • Something positive God has recently done in your life.
  • How your being out has touched another person's life.
  • Your personal ministry or social justice work.
  • Your church.
Anybody submitting testimonies is certifying the following:
  • The testimony does not contain information that could identify specific people.
  • The testimony is your own work, and that all of the work is completely free of copyright by other people.
  • Information does not attack individuals, or congregations by name.